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Peter Koijen Foundation

Unlocking Potential, Shaping Tomorrow: The Peter Koijen Foundation's Pioneering Journey Towards Neurodiversity and Equality in the Workplace.
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Peter Koijen Foundation

We believe that everyone has the right to have choices. We support this by delivering NLP and Coaching to people that are in adverse contexts and by creating study groups that will bring more efficient tools and processes to the context of personal transformation.
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About the Foundation

Peter Koijen

Peter Koijen Foundation is created with the intention of continuing Peter’s life value.


“Live your life and do it your way”
Peter Koijen

nlp coach

Peter, well more precisely, Petronius Jacobus Antonius Adrianus Maria Koijen, was born on 15 July 1972 in the south of the Netherlands. The first son of Netty and Toon.

From a very early age, Peter showed a great taste for music and his first dream was to be a professional musician.
This was also connected to his curiosity for the world and his taste for travelling.
It was his dream to travel, his curiosity for the world and his great social skills, that led him to take International Economics and Human Relations University path.

In 2009 and after a career in HR in large companies and international experiences, Peter founded his company, In2motivation, with the motto “live your life and do it your way”.

After studying with John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP. Peter found what would make his purpose in life, to bring choice to more and more people through his courses, mentoring and coaching.

Peter is also a family man with 3 children to whom he devotes all his spare time.

On 5 December 2020 Peter was diagnosed with a level 4 brain tumour.
His first reaction was: “everything will be fine”.

After medical and complementary treatments with the precious participation of friends. The tumour, which was heart-shaped, was stabilised. Peter contracted the Corona virus and after treatment his body was ready to pass.

Peter passed to the divine plane in Portugal, the country he loved and wanted to be on 31 July 2021 with a conscious life cycle with much gratitude and much love.

A life lived to the full and as he had always wanted.

“Live your life and do it your way”

Peter Koijen

What will we do? 

At the Peter Koijen Foundation, we are committed to catalyzing meaningful change in the pursuit of diversity and equality in the workforce. We achieve this through a three-pronged approach:

  1. Organizational Transformation: We provide tailored trainings, coaching, and consultancy services to forward-thinking organizations seeking to enrich their diversity journey. Our programs empower companies to embrace neurodiversity, fostering an inclusive environment that harnesses the unique strengths and talents of all individuals.

  2. Individual and Family Empowerment: We extend our support beyond the workplace, offering coaching and guidance to families and individuals within the neurodiverse community. Our aim is to facilitate seamless integration, ensuring that every person can thrive and contribute their best to society.

  3. Tomorrow’s Leaders: We believe in nurturing future generations. Our foundation offers a dedicated space for the development and support of children with neurodiversity, enabling them to reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Together, we are not only championing diversity and equality but also sowing the seeds for a more inclusive, innovative, and harmonious future. Join us in reshaping the narrative on neurodiversity and equality, one transformative step at a time.

All Trainers are volunteers.

How will we do it? 

We have a workshops agenda that you can visit. We will have open events all year!  
Soon we will open registration for the weekly support and we will happy to receive your company in to our portfolio. 
For any question, please, reach out to us. 



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